OIM 11gR2- Requests Stuck in Operation Initiated and Error Status

OIM requests stuck in Operation Initiated and Error status.

Error reported for failed requests: Error details are not available. Check server logs for more details.

What was the issue

Requests are stuck in POSTPROCESS stage

How to fix it

  1. Get the Orchestration Process id from request table

select ORCHESTRATION_PROCESS_ID from request where request_id =<REQUEST ID>

2. Accessing the OrchestrationEngine MBean

a) Login to Oracle Enterprise Manager.

b) Click WebLogic Domain at the top, and select System MBean Browser.

c) Expand Application Defined Mbeans - oracle.iam, Server -SERVER_INSTANCE_NAME — Application:oim — Kernel, and then click OrchestrationEngine.

3. Get the process id and process name

OrchestrationEngine — click on dump operation

in the dump option enter the Orchestration Process id that we retrieved from Step -1 and click on Invoke button to generate the process dump

copy the process id and process name from return value

4. Now retry the stuck orchestration process

in OrchestrationEngine click on retry operation

enter the process id and name that we retrieved from Step-3 , click on Invoke

on successful retry operation request will be process to next stage and following return value will be displayed.